Posted on July 9, 2015 at 10:19 pm

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The Khan-Daan in Hollywood!

Hold up, wait a minute! Is SRK in the United States and we don’t know about it? Well let the stalkers come out because Shah Rukh is in fact in Los Angeles as he just tweeted a photo of him and his kids who are in LA. Shah Rukh Khan who has been doing back to back shooting for two films took some time off to spend time with his kids and fly on over to Los Angeles, CA earlier this week!

Aryan and Suhana Khan had some bonding time with Daddy and toured the colleges in LA! Hold up! Does that mean Aryan might be attending UCLA? Well we aren’t sure for a fact but we do know that he was in town giving a speech at UCLA and meeting students around campus. One might say yes that he might be moving to Los Angeles to do his studies –  but with SRK’s caption it seems like his son might be studying in California as he did state ‘Had a lively & educative trip with my lil ones. A big thanx to Montage Hotel (Pradip) & L.A. Colleges.’ I guess we will have to wait and find out if Khan Junior is attending University in LA!

Till then Los Angeles – if you spot SRK on the streets of LA don’t be shy – ask for a snap and send them over!

Check out this snap above he posted on twitter earlier today!