Posted on July 9, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

A special ad film maker is being celebrated!

Bollywood is applauding ad film maker and author Aban Bharuchua Deohans’Teaspoon”. This talented lady has directed brilliant ads for big time companies such as Pepsodent, Lifeboy, Colgate, Kinley, Nestle and many more. Her latest masterpeice is a twenty minute short film called “Teaspoon.” It is about the life of an indian housewife and the struggles she goes through on a daily basis with her in-laws when her husband isn’t at home.

aban bharucha deohan

Many people of the industry had great things to say about Deohan and her great works

R. Madhavan –

“I was very keen to see what Aban as a director would
come up with and this short film was giant. With great performances
and a sharp story line this little beauty has wowed me and I am so
happy it’s getting the recognition it deserves. All the best to the
team and Aban. May this be the first of the many more due from your


” Teaspoon reflects in a way, the situation prevalent in
a lot of indian homes..I was lucky
to have such powerful actors and such a fantastic talented crew who
helped bring my story and vision to life I am thankful to all the
Festivals for the selection, and for the awards  bestowed on me”.- Aban Deohans


Lead actor Shriswara says,

“Working with Aban Maam was quite enjoyable..It feels good to get associated with such a remarkable film.”

The film has received awards in many film festivals such as Bangalore Film Festival and New York Indian Film Festival and is looking forward to more great recognition among the industry!