Posted on July 15, 2015 at 2:01 am

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Is Amy the Lady Khiladi?

Amy Jackson, former beauty queen is shooting adventurous action sequences for her upcoming film, Singh is Bling! She has been trained in mixed martial arts and kick-boxing for the film. Amy has been inspired and took guidance from none other than Akshay Kumar!


According to our sources,

Starring in a movie opposite the Action King himself, Akshay Kumar, Amy really had to work hard to at least look half as good as him in her fight sequences. Whilst shooting for I, her physique was slim and slender because she was playing the role of an International model. So, she had to gain a little weight and more muscle for her character in Singh is Bling.


singhisbling2Amy worked hard for this role, she wanted to look strong yet feminine too! She focused on functional training to achieve the outcome results. Akshay’s dedication was her true inspiration for achieve this. She even began to look up videos of Akshay for a better understanding of action sequences.


Amy confirms,

The Thai boxing style action sequences of Khiladi and his round kicks and punches really inspired me.  I took a real interest in MMA and wanted to involve it in my character for Singh is Bling.