Posted on July 7, 2015 at 4:10 pm

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Henna and Bindis turning into a cheap fashion trend?

Henna and Bindis have been apart of South Asian cultures for thousands of years but is the use of them by Non-South Asians offensive? Or would you call it embracing the South Asian  culture? Many celebrities have been spotted rocking this so called “fashion statement.”

The bindi in the South Asian culture is considered as a spiritual or a marital symbol and henna or mendhi is known to be applied for festivities usually pertaining to marriage . Non- South Asian people have began to  wear bindis or get their hands decorated just because they look trendy at music festivals or it looks pretty with their outfit for that day. Some would say that it’s okay, not everyone has to understand the culture to embrace it and others would be highly offended because the traditions have been twisted.