Posted on June 27, 2015 at 1:48 am

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Meet the five badass moms of Hollywood!

For years now, Hollywood has celebrated the undying spirit of a woman. They have proved that a single mother can take over an entire army to save her child. Here’s a list of five such mothers in Hollywood that are completely badass!


Sarah Connor in the ‘Terminator’ series (1984 – till date): She is no ordinary woman. A mother with a machine gun, Sarah destroys the killer robots in order to save her son, Jack, from death. Her deep love for Jack gives her the strength to face the enemy. From Linda Hamilton in Terminator (1984) to Emilia Clarke in ‘Terminator Genisys’, many actresses have portrayed the character on screen.

The Bride Film 'KILL BILL  VOL. 1' (2003)

The Bride in ‘Kill Bill’ Vol. 1 & 2 (2003, 04):
The film aptly shows us the wrath of a mother who is separated from her child. Uma Thurman plays the bride, a woman who desperately wants to find her daughter, no matter what the cost. What follows next, is a trail of bloodshed and the revenge of a mother in search of her child.


Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’ (Seasons 1-5, 2011 – till date): Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys, the mother of Dragons, a fierce ruler who was once a timid girl and is now a confident leader. She is the youngest daughter of the house of Targaryen and is the only surviving member to claim the throne. She is the mother of three dragons, first of the species in a hundred years.


Evelyn O’Connell in ‘The Mummy Returns’ (2001): What does a mother do when her son is kidnapped by an ancient Egyptian Mummy? Well, if the mother is Evelyn O’Connell played by Rachel Weisz, then she kicks some Mummy with finesse. The brilliant Egyptologist that she is, Evelyn fights all the enemies and brings her son back.


Meg Altman in ‘Panic Room’ (2002):
In the film, to hide from robbers that enter their house one night, Meg Altman and her daughter lock themselves in a panic room. Ultimately, after a spine-chilling wait to see who outwits the other, Meg is successful in over-powering the criminals. Jodie Foster is amazing as the mother who will go to any extent to protect her little one.