Posted on June 27, 2015 at 2:39 am

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Gujarati Film shooting takes place in Florida!

So for all the Gujarati’s who enjoy films – this one is for you! Be warned this might just be your story as well! Dhwani Gautam who has been in the scene for quite some time has been taking his shoots across the ocean to the states and shooting for his upcoming rom-com film! Now where did he shoot the film? Florida obviously! Who wouldn’t want to shoot a rom-com Bollywood film in Florida – great beaches, beautiful people and great scenery! Dhwani Gautam has been in the industry for a decade now and has worked on Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi films as associate director but when it finally came to making the big move and launch his directorial debut Rom Com, Gautam chose the growing Gujarati entertainment industry.  That seems like a great move since many don’t see Gujarati films as an international market and well he might be the game changer for it!

According to, the storyline is a “complicated yet adorable romance between a sweet, innocent, naughty and loveable guy” and an “arrogant, yet charming damsel.”

The pair travels from India to America in search of their soul mates with stops in New York City and Florida. Sounds like a very cute loving film to watch!


He recently spoke with Times of India and told them about fresh scripts and fresh film making.
After the phenomenal success of urban Gujarati films here, it seems many film makers have identified Gujarat as the next hot spot, like Gautam has. He says,

“When you give the audience something new, something fresh, they are bound to like your film, no matter what language it is made in. The Gujarati industry looked like it had a lot of potential since urban films are only just starting to be made and have gained a lot of popularity, the industry is in a great phase right now.”

Being a non-Gujarati, was it not difficult making a film in a language he isn’t quiet familair with? Says Gautam,

“I’ve lived in Gujarat for very long now and am very confident about the content of my film. In fact, the kind of music we are creating for the film, even people who don’t understand Gujarati will love to listen to it.”

He adds on telling TOI.  Gautam believes he has a very different notion of what an urban film should be like, he says,

“An urban Gujarati film does not necessarily have to be shot in an urban area. It depends on the treatment you give to the film. Like nobody would call Ram-Leela a non-urban film even though it was entirely shot in a village. My film Rom Com is a youngster-centric film and we are going to shoot the film partly in Ahmedabad and partly in the U.S.”

Rom Com is an abbreviation for Romance Complicated and the film is all set to launch this year!