Posted on June 8, 2015 at 12:14 am

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Jai Matt says “Lean On Rangeela!”

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American Asian artist Jai Matt is a talented young star that will definitely have you hooked on his music. Check out his latest release, a remix of “Lean On” and the bollywood classic, “Rangeela.” Sounds awkward? We know, but trust us, Jai and Dr. Srimix are magicians! Talking about the song Jai said,

“Once the music was set, it was just about getting these two songs alive on the track and blending them seamlessly; I felt we did that with our vocals. This was also mine and Sri’s third remix release on Soundcloud, so we wanted to do something very refreshing to a very relevant song. We’ll also be releasing a video for this track, so we’re pretty excited about it.” 

Just check out the song and let us know what you think!

The track was initially inspired by Jai and Dr. Srimix, as they thought about a very relevant song that they could put a very Indian twist on. “Lean On” already had a great following within the global market, and from there it was just a matter of working the song in a very clever manner. Srimix initially thought of putting “Rangeela,” and a good friend of the duo’s, proDiJy, thought of the putting Imran Khan’s “Aaja Ve Mahiya” into the song. From there it was just getting the vocals recorded by Mugdha and Jai. 

“Working with Jai, Mugdha and Poojan has been a blast, their ear for musicality and vocal diversity was extremely useful in making this track blend as well as it did. When we think of our next idea, I’d love to collaborate with them again.” — Dr. Srimix

Jai Matt and Dr. Srimix are currently working on our fourth video with an awesome squad of choreographers and dancers. Expect it to release mid-June! Keep it locked for more updates!

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