Posted on June 2, 2015 at 9:32 pm

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Fans Express Excitement for Watching Upcoming film: Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar!

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The upcoming Marathi film, Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar is creating quite the buzz especially with its exceptional star-cast! The story of the film covers a very simple concept based on the differences between personalities of people.


Fans of Marathi cinema have gone all out sharing their excitement on social media. The official page of this film has received various comments from die-hard fans who have expressed their eagerness.

A fan of Rishikesh Kamerkar couldn’t contain his happiness on hearing the music of the film and commented saying,

Wow! Very nice Rishikesh Kamerkar kaka!

Marathi Film Fan Review


The well known, TV actress Tanvi, has eager fans waiting to watch her in the film! A non-speaking Marathi fan said,

Mai waiting me hu is movie k Marathi mujhe nai ata par tanvi ji ko dekhne k liye is movie k waiting me hu.

Marathi Film Fan Review2


Haven’t seen the trailer of Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar yet? Check it out here!

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