Posted on May 31, 2015 at 5:36 pm

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Is Sunny Leone the real problem?

Sunny Leone with the Candies Why is India persecuting Sunny Leone because of her past career as an adult actress? India should embrace this opportunity and create an open dialogue on sex and media in the 21st century. How many more documentaries about the extreme views of women and rape can India endure before it tackles its lack of awareness on these issues, or willingness to accept that a portion of India needs to get past its barbaric and conservative views toward women. How is masking the real issues in petty lawsuits and threats of arrest going to make a difference?

Articles like this Obscenity Charges Against Sunny Leone and FIR Filed Against Sunny Leone make me realize India needs more Sunny Leone’s so they can wake up to the world around them.

Statistics show, the Indian subcontinent is in the top ten of the highest downloaders of adult and pornographic content, using VPNs, proxies, or just downloading off the plethora of free and torrent sites. The point is, adult content is freely available from anywhere on the internet and blaming one actor from India is not going to do anything to stop it. Why is everyone blaming Sunny Leone?

Instead of worrying about whether someone who goes to Sunny Leone’s site sees some nude pictures of her, maybe they should worry about why their government was so vigilant about banning a movie that showed the world how several generations of men have such a savage and backwards view of women in general.. The Indian government even sent Urban Asian a cease and desist letter for providing links to the videos.

What India needs is a reality check and learn how to start teaching their children how to respect women and learn sexual boundaries and leave Sunny Leone alone.

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