Posted on May 31, 2015 at 5:54 pm

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7 Times Rani Mukherjee's Aiyyaa got it right!

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Rani Mukherjee starred in the romantic comedy Aiyyaa along with South’s handsome hunk, Prithviraj Sukumaran. The story revolve around a quiet college librarian with a crush on the tall, dark and sexy brooding artist. While she’s weaving fantasies with her hero, her parents are arranging her marriage to a nice but average guy. Although the movie was a total flop we managed to find 7 moments the film hit the right spot!

1. The movie’s lead character was quite lovable and believable. You may not like to show it off but we know, every South Asian girl’s got a little Bollywood Fever and this film’s heroine, Meenakshi has a serious case of Bollywood fever.



2. The film speaks the TRUTH. Now we can’t totally blame Meenakshi for her overactive imagination, Bollywood has consistently given girls unrealistic expectations and thus we weave these elaborate fantasies. Which is why we expect this:


And end up with this:


At least Meenakshi wasn’t so unlucky, her nice guy, played by Subodhn Bhave, wasn’t too terrible. He was an endearing character that you love. Kind of overly emotional and old school, but sweet none-the-less



3. When you tell your parents you want a love marriage not an arranged marriage.

aiyyaa 1                                                                                   #TheStruggleIsReal


4. When you visit potential in-laws, it’s show time! Greet them politely, speak softly, smile shyly, look down, giggle, offer to cook or clean, etc. etc….I’m sure south asian girls could win an Oscar with the amount of acting, or in this case, over acting we have to do to find a husband.

Aiyyaa 2

5. Rani whipped out some kick ass dance skills for this flick. Although we know Rani is a classically trained dancer and she’s always done a good job performing, this movie had us surprised at her talents. Maybe it was the sexy belly-dancing or modern choreography, but whatever it was it has us enticed!


6. Lastly how could we forget our favorite part, the best part of the film… any guesses? It’s our sexy hero!



7. Now even though Prithviraj Sukumaran is #6, he’s so sexy we had to count him TWICE.


Prithviraj Sukuram is perfect as the silent and sexy hero, those abs, that angry look. Oh yea we’re definitely hooked.

aiyyaa 3

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