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A Unique Wedding Card Story!

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Between the ages of 12 and 16, I realized there are five things that I really like;

  1. Taking over, managing and being in-charge
  2. Getting letters in the mail or seeing really cool greetings cards.
  3. Seeing the outcome of planning something
  4. Dressing up in Indian clothes for any event!
  5. Crying when a wedding scene occurs on-screen in a film

Thus at the age of seventeen, I started my own event planning business with my mom and I realized weddings are the most beautiful event to occur in any person’s life. Wedding season is just around the corner and dates on my calendar for the season are filling up.


Every wedding I have ever planned has never been the same. Every Bride and Groom wants something different these days. Whether it’s a different food menu, a particular type of Mandap or Alter, or even a distinct way of entertaining the guests! Every wedding party wants to always make this special day be perfect!

Almost every girl in the world has dreamt about prince-charming since they were four and has always imagined their wedding since then. These days, thanks to the internet, girls plan out everything via Pinterest or Tumblr. They have the décor all planned out, table settings and even their engagement ring. I always say, “You may be broke, but when the wedding day comes you are willing to put your life to it.”

Rain Boots - UK Wedding

When it comes to an Indian wedding in particular though, the hardest part is giving away the daughter to a new family. I almost always avoid watching the real thing happen as I cannot even handle seeing it in ‘reel life.’

If you do not already know, an Indian wedding is incomplete without the pre-events, like the Mehndhi (henna) ceremony, Sangeet (music & dance) function, the wedding itself and then the reception. It sounds exhausting, but the pre-events are what build up the excitement for the wedding itself.


Recently a friend of mine, Rome Chopra, sent me a copy of his sister, Nika Chopra’s wedding invitation. I have seen all types of wedding cards, but nothing so unique and beautiful like this. His mother, Seema Chopra wrote a poem in reference to each ceremonial event. Nika has a passion for poetry, and her mother, Seema wanted to create a unique wedding card and touch her daughter’s heart by speaking to Nika in the language she understands.

The Wedding card looks like this (images below) and opens to a story from the mother to her daughter and her journey to beginning a new chapter of her life.

First Poem in Wedding Card


“Ek khaas pehchaan har mehman ki hoti hai,
unki hasee se,
aap ko dawaat hai ke aap aayain aur rang rachain,
humari beti ki shaadi peh.”

Translation: All the guests have a special place and so all of you are invited to our daughter’s wedding to come and spread happiness with your smiles.









Second Poem in Wedding Card

“Woh din aha raha hai
Jo har Ma Baap ke khawish hai
Apni beti ka
kanyadaan karaigeh hum
aao  samalo Humai
tahki Kushi se
Apnai dil Ka tukra
hum deh paiyain
Uske humsafar ko…”

Translation: Come and take a journey into the emotional and religious significance behind the ‘kanyadaan’ ceremony of a traditional Indian wedding.  Please join us in this auspicious occasion  and ceremony of giving our daughter away to her soul-mate.








Third Poem in Wedding Card

“Hathon ki lekirain nahjanai leh
jayaingi kiss afar par.
Iss Mehndhi ki raat par
aaoh shuroo karain
kuch chund lekirain kheench kar,
Nika Ka khushiyon Ka safar.”

Translation: They say no one knows where destiny will take us. Come and join us on this auspicious Mehndi night. Lets  bless the bride with happiness and love with each new stroke of the mehndhi made on her hands.








Fourth Poem in Wedding Card


“Beti chal pari,
naye sapne, naye rishte
aur nayee buniyaadeh banana.
Pelha huq nahin raha ab humara,
par babul ka angan hamesha khula rehai ga
jab kabhi who aayegi humare saath kuch lamhe guzarne.”

Translation: Our daughter is now treading new paths and stepping into a new life. Even though she is leaving to start a new journey, she will always be welcome in her old surroundings and welcomed with open arms to share any moments.







If you are a mother and have a daughter, there is no such friendship in the world like the mother-daughter duo. I speak for myself and would never trade the bond I have with my mom for anything else. Mother’s just have a special place in a daughter’s heart, and if all fails, mom is the best person to call up to talk to, cry with, laugh with and look back on all the moments created together in life.

Back Cover of Wedding Card
Back Cover of Wedding Card

Dedicated to all the mother’s who mean the world to the their daughter… 

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