Posted on March 26, 2015 at 6:43 pm

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Shahid Kapoor spills details about his Vivah!

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Over the past few days, there has been much speculation about the supposed engagement of actor Shahid Kapoor to Delhi-based Mira Rajput.  We had shared with all of you the details of the story here.  After that news had broken, a couple publications still claimed that Mira was not marrying Shahid.  They based that verdict on statements given by a couple of her classmates.  So, as expected, fans were feeling like they were on an emotional roller-coaster!  Was he really engaged?  Did the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood truly come off the market?  Or, was there still a chance for someone else to snag this hunk?  In all this chaos, the man of the hour, Shahid Kapoor, himself had remained quiet… that is, until now!

At a press conference at JW Marriot in island city, one journalist mustered up the courage to ask Shahid point blank about the much talked about engagement.  Although taken aback by the question, Shahid finally decided to share the truth with everyone.  His answer is still a bit cryptic, but based on the rest of the information publications have shared, we can all easily fill in the details.  To the reporter’s question, Shahid answered,

“I am not engaged, but what you are reading is kind of true. The marriage is on the cards! She is a normal girl and I am a normal boy, and we should treat it as a normal thing.”

About his upcoming wedding to his Dilliwaali girlfriend, he added,

“I am very happy. I am very happy to announce it.”

Seems Shahid couldn’t handle staying Chup Chup Ke anymore regarding the topic! We wish him and Mira all the best! Sure, we feel the pain of the world in losing such a heartthrob, but we’re still happy for Shahid for finally finding the love of his life!

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