Posted on March 30, 2015 at 6:41 pm

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Chirag Jain gets clicky on the sets of Fun Freaked Face Booked

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On the sets of ‘Fun Freaked Face Booked’, Chirag Jain was so carried away by his love for cameras that during breaks, he would go around the place clicking photos of the scenery and everyone around. His love for photography is not well known to the masses, but his close friends inform that he`s a camera freak!

He clicked pictures of his co-actors, prominently the leading ladies, during one of the shoots and the beauties obliged.

According to the sources, Chirag was seen getting along with his co-stars and the rest of the cast, greeting them. He had an amazing time shooting for the flick. Whenever he was free, he would take his camera to click photos. Once while shooting a scene, he felt that the light was apt for a great morning snap. So, he asked his co-stars to pose for him and he clicked many pictures of them.

Usually, after breakfast or lunch, the entire cast would go for long walks. Chirag, along with director Aditya Om would go about the sets clicking pictures. They would pose for the actor and have a good time. After sometime, the entire team would be back to continue with their shoot.

Chirag as a kid was very fascinated with a camera. He would love posing for his father and has a good collection of photo albums. He wanted to learn photography, but he started off very early in Bollywood, and due to his strict schedule, couldn’t pursue it.

Fun Freaked Face Booked is a psychological thriller coupled with the element of horror and supernatural. It is based on social media addiction and stars Sheetal Singh, Saidah Jules, Prakash Sudarshan and Manisha Kelkar. FFF is directed by veteran South Indian actor-director Aditya Om.

Fun Freaked Facebooked is a Telugu-Hindi bilingual movie.

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