Posted on February 3, 2015 at 11:36 am

Bollywood Events What's Happenin'

Varun Dhawan create mass frenzy in Delhi!

Recently Varun Dhawan was in Delhi to promote Badlapur at Ramjas College. This is one event that will go down his memory lanes as it created a mass frenzy for this young actor. Apparently the college venue had extensive gathering beyond its capacity. Even after seeing this Varun remained calm and went on the stage to perform.


The actor was quite rattled when hundreds of fans rushed towards the stage while he was performing.In the middle of his performance some fans started shoving each other  to  get closer glimpse of the actor. Unfortunately two girls fell . Varun saw the incident from stage and immediately rushed to help the girls and gave them water.

Varun Dhawan behaved quite like a gentleman in this incident, which surely proves Varun loves his fans.


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