Posted on February 4, 2015 at 12:30 am

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Hrithik Roshan gives you #DefeatDefeat on #HRX!

Before you watch this video girls and boys just know anyone can make it or even ‘Defeat’ it.  What are we talking about? Well we will tell you!  We all want to look like him and all want to be like him! Yes we are talking about Bollywood Hunk star Hrithik Roshan! Girls just want to throw themselves at him and well men just want to get ripped like him! Well we don’t blame them! He is pretty ripped!

Well now you can and guess how? Well we will tell you how and he will show you how! But first you need to get motivated and watch this trailer!   Hrithik Roshan pushes his extreme and gets set to defeat ‘DefeatDefeat’.
The video is to inspire people to ‘Push Your Extreme’.  As the tagline says it all and the actor is doing this campaign which sets off on February the 5th. As well all know Hrithik loves fitness and loves stunts and working out! We already know this because of his last stunts from his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang.’ Now men – here is your chance to get ‘DefeatDefeat’ on HRX! So stay tune as we bring you more videos!

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