Posted on February 4, 2015 at 1:30 am

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And you thought you knew everything about Kareena?

We love the way Kareena Kapoor Khan is trying to sound so cerebral these days. If the world is noticing and commenting on how filmmakers are not exactly jostling with one another at her door, the lady prefers to vouch that it is all by design – her design! She claims that she is now looking to find ‘a new place in acting’ and pick fewer films which she will closely associate with. Interesting!


Soha and Kunal wedding!


The secret to how she remains No.1 in her head must lie in her advice to others who wish to scale heights –

“Be immune to success and failure!” It’s obvious that she isn’t mouthing platitudes when she says that failure doesn’t bother her. How can it, when she very strongly believes that failure has worked to bring her where she is today! “I am what I am because of my hits and flops,” she shrugs.

The hit that really turned things around for her, she feels, was ‘Asoka’. She believes that it was in this 2001 film opposite Shah Rukh that her acting potential was tapped and applauded. ‘Chameli’ which followed in 2003 is the film she considers a career milestone, though, offering her as it did a role that portrayed her as an actor in the real sense.

On a more personal note, she sees life as full of happiness and tears – the trick is to “be strong and have faith”. For the lovely lass who values her spontaneity and would choose sleep over fame and money, her husband is her go-to person when the going gets tough. What does one say? Lucky Saif!


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