Posted on February 18, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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Ajungla Imchen Features at Gostana Art Exhibition!

Gostana is showcasing terrific talent! For their current display at Gostana they bring you Ajungla Imchen, who has exhibited some of her works in Maison Du Governeur in France and the India International Centre (ICC) in Delhi. The exhibition of her newest collection will go on in Gostana from 21st February to mid-April.


has her new collection of work essentially inspired and influenced from a culture she comes from. Fossilized forms of nature!

From fish to forms of crustaceans all tell a story of their own of how things have been, leaving imprints of their forms. Through her work she has tried to bring to life an old fossilized culture of animism where symbolism played roles in telling a story or myths that were attached to forms of an animal or insect. She has brought into her canvas the same feeling of stone imprints by using soil as a medium as well as foil to create texture. Fossils in themselves denote history of an animal or insect by leaving imprints. Similarly past history and beliefs leave imprints in the way of our thoughts leading to rituals we follow in spite of modernization and progress. There is always a myth that fascinates and a superstition of doom or good fortune that follow a story. This array of tales on canvas will leave imprints on our minds.

Open your thoughts to an artist’s vision, at Gostana!

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