Posted on January 21, 2015 at 1:02 am

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Kebab Bistro, Dubai- Food Review!

The interesting thing about comfort food is that, the more you taste it, the more you want to know about it’s complex spices.

During the last week of December, I was in Dubai to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and to welcome 2015. Whilst eating at a different place throughout the entire week, I decided to make a visit to the recently opened Kebab Bistro, owned by my friends Vistasp and Oofrish Contractor.


Located in one of the inner lanes of Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, this family owned eatery is a cute, welcoming and homely bistro, that promises quality of the highest order. Known for their exciting menu that includes all kinds of Chaat and specialised Kebabs, got my taste buds impatient.


The first thing I tried were the Fish Seekh Kebabs. It was soft, succulent, well spiced and perfectly marinated to ensure that sense of satisfaction, whilst relishing every bite. And because it was fresh from the grills, a good sized portion of the fish kebabs were gone in no time.


Next on the table were the Chicken Seekh Kebabs, which have always been a must try for me everytime I come across a menu that serves it. A typical Chicken Seekh Kebab is meant to give you a taste of every ingredient used, to ensure it’s texture, colour and moistness. And that is exactly what I tasted whilst I carefully cut every piece to enjoy it’s juiciness.


The last thing that arrived on my plate was the breathtaking Chicken Malai Boti. Served with onions on a sizzler platter, steaming hot and cooked well to melt in the mouth. There’s was a certain richness in it’s taste that I caught on to, which I was told, that it was from the owner’s special recipe. No wonder I was able to experience the flavor of authentic ‘home style’ masala.


The ambience of Kebab Bistro lends itself to nothing extravagant or flashy, because the core theme of it’s product, rightly gives you an experience of comfort food in the most casual demeanor and family constructed surrounding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try their special Parsi buffet, which they serve on the weekends as a special feature of the bistro, but that’s certainly on the list the next time I visit there.

If you are a Kebaboholic and enjoy venturing into different kinds of meats like I do, then this bistro is a must visit, weather it is for a lunch or a dinner meal. It will certainly satisfy your outing by giving you the best value for money, amidst the most cozy ambience.


Oh and don’t forget to try out their homemade ‘Lagan nu Custard’ after your meal, to  sweeten your palate.

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