Posted on January 19, 2015 at 9:19 pm

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Indian brides inspired by Disney Princesses!

Recently a Vancouver based wedding photographer, Amit Grewal, decided to take his beautiful Indian brides and add some Disney magic! The talented photographer said the original idea was suggested by Universal Decor to Well Groomed Designs, a bridal store in Surrey, British Columbia. They set to work designing sets and bridal wear that were inspired by a Disney Princess.

The high-budget photo shoot captures the beauty of nine different Disney Princesses! The cost? Almost $10,000 for some of the bridal outfits and the amazing pieces of jewelry are just as expensive. Who said being a Princess was cheap! Check out these lovely ladies, can you guess which Disney Princess each of these beautiful brides represent?


The photo-shoot has been featured in the current edition of South Asian Bride magazine. Speaking about the difficulties of the photo-shoot, Amit Grewal said,

‘It was important to show how Disney could translate into the traditional Indian aesthetic because of the differences between mainstream wedding styles and Indian weddings. Indian weddings are extremely extravagant and ornate and outfits are extremely bedazzled, whereas mainstream weddings are more simple, sleek, and polished.’

The amount of detailed effort put into each picture is clear and Amit Grewal gets two thumbs up from us!

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