Posted on December 25, 2014 at 12:33 am

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The Attitude At The Grand Finale of KamaSutra Miss Maxim 2015!

It is not every day that ‘The hottest girl next door’ is acknowledged for her persona, her inner beauty and the way she carries herself. She is more than her ramp model looks and her cat walk.  She is a smart today’s woman with striking ‘Confidence’ and an ‘Attitude’, where she gets an opportunity and a doorway to step into the world of glamour.  Maxim along with KamaSutra celebrated this magnificent posture of today’s woman. As is known, Maxim is the world’s leading men’s lifestyle brand.


The evening began with a gala event of bikini fashion show where well-known international models participated.  Diwakar Pundit, Amy Bilimoria, Dalip Tahil, Alex O’Neil, Mayank Shekhar, Meet Brothers, Shibani Kashyap and many more graced the occasion. Ash Chandlier crooned onWake me up when it is over…” along with Shibani Kashyap, while Malaika Arora Khan told the contestants to be natural.  “Just be yourself” was the perfect advice she gave the beautiful contestants.  The contestants themselves were refreshingly honest and truthful in their replies when asked “what will you do if you win a lottery ?” one contestant replied “…If it is crores I will buy a house, if it is lakhs I shall party “ !! 

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