Posted on December 13, 2014 at 6:26 am

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Sonam Kapoor dons 16 different bridal looks for a scene in Dolly Ki Doli!

The 1st poster of “Dolly Ki Doli”, where Sonam Kapoor is dressed in a gorgeous lehenga with a leather jacket and liquor glass in hand created a huge buzz among people.  Soon after, the team released a couple more posters, and the question which comes to mind is ‘Dolly Kiski’? We do not know the answer to that question yet, but what we have recently come to know is that the peppy diva Sonam Kapoor will be seen donning 16 different bridal looks just for one particular scene in the film.  In fact, what we also hear is that Sonam Kapoor as Dolly is someone who charmingly cons men into marrying her and then dupes them.

A source close to the team said, ‘There is a particular scene in which we show Sonam in different looks as a bride. In this scene she will be seen as a Catholic Bride, Maharashtrian Bride, South Indian Bride, Gujarati Bride, Muslim Bride and the list goes on. It was a very tiring process that just for one scene there were so many looks but Sonam enjoyed it quite a lot.’

Well, donning so many bridal looks is definitely a wish come true for any girl!

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