Posted on December 31, 2014 at 2:03 am

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Priyanka Chopra happy to not have to wear bikini?

It’s no secret after Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, is one of the most well-known Miss Worlds to come out of India.  Priyanka won the coveted Miss World title in 2000, and since then, has been continuing her global take-over as an actress in Bollywood, and singer!  Recently, she shared with a publication that she feels really lucky that when she took part in the competition, there was no swimsuit round.  As of next year, the swimsuit round has officially been scraped as a required round in the pageant!


Regarding this decision, Priyanka Chopra shares that she is quite happy that she didn’t have to walk around stage in a swimsuit, as it is awkward to do.  She says,

“Obviously it’s strange to walk in heels and swim suit on stage. Take us to a pool or a beach and do that shoot, that’s fine because that’s a natural environment. It’s weird and not natural. I have found it awkward myself but I am happy that it didn’t happen with me in my years during Miss World. We didn’t have this swimsuit round.”

Earlier this year on Dec. 14, 2014, Rolene Strauss of South Africa was crowned the 64th Miss World winner.  This year was the last year where the swimsuit round was featured in the pageant.

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