Posted on December 18, 2014 at 11:50 pm

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Musicians team up to write song inspired by the Delhi rape tragedy!

Unlikely electronic-pop duo Vast & Harker have teamed up with acclaimed British-Indian singer Rita Morar to release their new single Nirbhaya on iTunes for digital download. 25% of sales revenue will go to the women’s rights charity BREAKTHROUGH!

Political issues have been a consistent theme in V&H’s work, and Nirbhaya is no exception. In early 2013, the London-based pair – electronic producer Vast and singer-songwriter James Harker, both solo artists in their own right – were contemplating a dark and simple riff with the working title ‘Take the Night’. The image that grew out of it was of an irresistible force rising up and casting off the darkness; and from this seed came the idea of the women of India, empowering themselves in the wake of the horrific Delhi rape tragedy.


V&H chose a new title, Nirbhaya – the nickname for the rape victim, meaning ‘Fearless One’. The duo teamed up with acclaimed British-Indian singer Rita Morar to develop ideas, and out of their jam sessions emerged a set of lyrics; lyrics which create an impression, rather than describe a vivid narrative – an impression of hope overcoming fear, and light overcoming darkness.

Drawing on ingredients ranging from Nitin Sawhney to Lorn, Nirbhaya is intense, haunting and epic, and yet leavened with cathartic melodies and hopeful lyrics. Despite its dark subject, Nirbhaya is ultimately a positive rallying cry for women, Indian and worldwide.

V&H have decided to contribute 25% of all sales proceeds to Breakthrough, a global human rights organization working to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable. Nirbhaya will be available through V&H’s Bandcamp page.

You will find a extended version as a radio edit too part of the pack. This is something totally different from what I do and I am excited to introduce Vast & Harker who simply have amazing music coming along the way.

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