Posted on December 12, 2014 at 5:50 am

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Know the Traveler in you: What Type of Traveler Are You?

There are travelers and then there are holidaymakers. While some seek relaxation and change, some seek adventure.   If you are globetrotter with a passion for travel, Worldfest 2014 (see here for more details) at Lavasa between 17th to 21st December, is your one stop destination and your virtual passport to the world.  Worldfest 2014 is Ferriswheel’s annual international performing arts festival, which aims to bring the world together in one place.  It has had a successful run in the past, and is sure to be a success this year as well.  If you can’t decide how to travel, you can take a quiz to figure out what type of traveler you are!  There are four main types of travelers.  Not sure where you fit in? Click the link below and take this quiz to find the traveler in you:


 What Type of Traveler Are You?


1)      The Luxurious Traveler: For these travelers, the objective of any vacation is to enjoy the finest things in life. You belong to this class of travelers if you enjoy staying within the confines of luxurious hotel suite rather than going out and exploring the place. In short indulging in luxury is your prime motive of taking a vacation.


2)      The Planner: You like everything organized, making plans meticulously way in advance. Be it the hotel you plan to stay in, the must-visit places or the dingy shopping streets, your bucket list is always ready. A vacation for you is all about having fun and chilling out. And in every sense, you do know how to maximize the opportunity and have the most fun albeit in the most organised way.


3)      The Explorer: Traveling is your way of life! You don’t confine yourself to anything, and are willing to experience everything you can. From trying out the weirdest cuisines to living in the most inhabitable places one can imagine, you are willing to take your holiday experience to a new level altogether. You are an out-of-the-box traveler who is always up for a challenge.

44)      The Ultimate tourist: The ultimate tourist goes on a vacation for one sole purpose – to unwind. Your entire idea of a vacation is to leave behind the mundane world and just be yourself like no one cares. Relaxing on a beach or unwinding with a great book, you know the ways to enjoy your outing very well.

Not sure where you fit in? Click the link below and take this quiz to find the traveler in you:


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