Posted on December 24, 2014 at 10:27 am

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International Debut for Sid Mallya?

For quite a while now, there has been speculation that Sid Mallya will be debuting in Hollywood and not Bollywood.  After months of rumors, it now seems like there is some solid development regarding his acting debut.  Sources reveal that Sid Mallya is all set to make his silver screen debut, and has landed himself an international production that shows off Sid’s true blue Brit side!  The film, a smart and witty teen comedy will be directed by Calcutta-based (who created quite a stir in the indie film circuit with festival hits like Tasher Desh and Gandu) and will be produced by Steve Barron (whose other comedies include Dan Akroyd’s Coneheads and Mike Bassett’s England Manager).  The story is centered on the quizzers scene in the early ‘80s in India.

Our source had the following to say regarding the debut,

Being an independent content focused film, it’s not too massive a production and has both a British and an Indian team working on it since a large chunk of it will be shot in Bangalore, Sid’s hometown. The film will go on floors in the first quarter of next year.”

Apparently the film has Sid in one of the leading roles with 4 new talented actors being cast as pivotal roles alongside him.

The industry source further says,

Sid’s been showcasing his mad side with his recent web series #SidSessions, responding to all the craziness thrown at him on social media with humor, wit and without taking himself seriously. The response to it has been incredible. He certainly has on screen presence and the ability to engage people. The producers and director is looking forward to getting the best out of him!

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