Posted on December 24, 2014 at 10:06 am

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Groom accidentally marries teenage boy?

I know what you’re thinking – “What the heck is up with that headline?”  Well, some things that happen in the world are just plain weird, even if true!  Apparently, according to the Express newspaper in the UK a 37-year old groom named Balak Ram was set up with a 15-year old boy, and even married the boy!  One week after the marriage, when on his honeymoon, he made a very shocking discovery about his bride!  He had thought he was marrying a 29-year old woman… when in reality, he had married a 15-year old teenage boy!

According to the newspaper, Ram was a bachelor and paid a 35-year old dance troupe leader named Hukam Singh £500 to find him his soul mate.  Singh accepted the payment and challenge, and only one week later, introduced Ram to a 29-year old beauty named “Raj Kumari”. The name itself should have given it all away, but guess love is truly blind!  Ram even claims that it was love at first sight.  He told the newspaper,

“When I first met Raj it was love at first sight, for sure. She has beautiful eyes, a demur smile and a sparkling personality and her whole being radiated goodness. We spent some time together and I realized that she was the one for me. So I set the wedding up for a week later at a local registry office.”

After the wedding, the two left on their honeymoon, and Ram still did not suspect anything.  It was only when he was carrying his wife to the bridal suite that he made the shocking discovery.  Absolutely appalled and shocked, Ram immediately got the marriage annulled.  He doesn’t blame the teenage boy and is still friends with him, claiming: “We get on well as friends and I don’t mind being seen with him in his sari. It fooled me so it fools everyone else, and at least I can look good with someone on my arm when I go out.”

I’m hoping that the website says this is a fake story – or that Ashton Kutcher pops up saying we have been punked – but until then it is still a talking point.

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