Posted on December 3, 2014 at 12:21 am

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Indigo Deli, Mumbai- Restaurant Food Review!

There are 2 things that determine the quality of what you eat. ‘How good it tastes’ & ‘How well it’s presented to you.’

Last week, I decided to visit one of my favorite eateries in Mumbai- Indigo Deli, which is not only known to satisfy one’s culinary palate, but stands out in exemplifying authenticity in the way they serve they’re creations.

Indigo Deli portrays itself as a quintessential high end French or Italian bistro, that caters it’s palate for those that admire the richness of spice and ambience.

Out of the many treats that I ordered, the BBQ Ribs heightened my appetite for the day, making me want to relish every bite that I tasted and wishing that the portion of food was more than what was served to me.


Personally, what stood out for me, was the way in which the chef incorporated every culinary element of spice, moistness & temperature, to ensure that the customer was nothing less than satisfied. The juiciness of the ribs and the corn bread, complemented my craving for it, and took me back into nostalgia of sitting in Newyork, at a typical South American restaurant and ordering a portion of Baby Back Ribs.

When I thought I had reached by peak of satisfying my palate, and with desserts being one of my biggest weaknesses, I decided to venture into the delicious three layer Chocolate cake, coated with a layering of caramel, dark chocolate and soft cookie dough. It was a treat that complemented just about the perfect main course. Unfortunately, this chocolate cake is only a Special on certain days of the week & isn’t a permanent feature in their regular menu.


As a critic of good food, at the end of the day nothing matters more if the food that you eat, gives you the satisfaction of being well fed. If you happen to be visiting Mumbai and fancy the urge of feasting yourself with BBQ ribs and a variety of richly flavored creations, then Indigo Deli must definitely be on your ‘places to visit’ list.


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