Posted on December 9, 2014 at 1:50 pm

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H DHAMI Signs to VIP Records!

H-Dhami has been in the scene quite a few years now and he has taken his career to another high! VIP records are proud to announce the signing of the world-renowned artist that goes by the name of H-Dhami .Many of you will know him from the success of his chart topping album “Sadke Java” and his work with Rishi Rich!


H Dhami is now ready to step back onto the scene with a heap of new releases

“I’ve been so busy with non stop worldwide gigs covering weddings, corporate events, birthdays, concerts etc that its been hard finding time to make some fresh material, It’s now time to focus on my music and I’m back with some electrifying projects that my team and i have been working hard in the studio producing. I have been working alongside some great producers, whom at the moment cannot be named but VIP Records will be announcing details regarding this shortly. It’s a good feeling when you make music that reflects your personality, success and passion. ”

H Dhami’s
success stemmed from his Debut album Sadke Java album which made it into the top 5 of the iTunes Chart when it was released whilst hitting BBC Asian Network’s Top 40 charts. Following the success of his Album, H Dhami has also worked alongside a number of artists on collaborations such as

Raghav – So Much (neoDesi Remix)

Preeya Kalidas – Shimmy (Desi Mix)

PBN – Gereh Kad Di & Nachdi Vekhna (Remix)

Apache Indian – If I Can’t have you (Charlie Hype Remix)

GV – Aaj Kal

DJ Dips & Garry Sandhu – Tere Vargi

And not forgetting featuring in 2 movie soundtracks; Toon Pur Ka Super Hero staring Ajay Devgan & Kajol (Title song) and for the film Breakaway (Speedy Singhs) – Ni Aaja Veh – Veronica & H Dhami which was produced by Rishi Rich.

VIP Records MD Vipen Kumar made the following statement about H Dhami becoming a member of their ever growing camp

“ We are really excited to have such a great, humble artist on our record label. Following in his Dad’s footsteps, H Dhami has become a Bhangra superstar in the industry as he is well-known for his crowd pleasing numbers and dancefloor bangers. He is a strong vocalist who has a bright future in music. We hope that together we can create music that not only will hit the charts but will be remembered for years to come”

When H Dhami was asked about his thoughts on working with VIP Records he went on to say

“I’ve been living the music life since 2007 with an amazing team, I then went on to set up H Dhami Music in 2012 where I spent a lot of time working on many different projects but now I am looking forward to moving further in my music career and stepping up the game alongside VIP records and unleash the music that my fans have been waiting for. I know that working alongside VIP records will give me the opportunity to express how my passion for music has not changed since 2007, if anything it continues to grow and make my music bigger and better. VIP Records has a great team and I’m sure that I will enjoy my VIP journey as it’s definitely time to give my fans what they have been waiting for. “

VIP Records and H Dhami are set to release new music in the upcoming months and have a lot of projects in the pipeline that will take the industry by surprise. We are definitely excited for this one! Stay tuned for his next release!

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