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Bollywood stars speak out about Peshwar

The tragic incident in Pakistan has touched the hearts of everyone in the world. The death of innocent children has the whole world in tears. Everyone is speaking out for peace, sending condolences to the grieving families and showing their support for the surviving families, so why should our Bollywood stars fall behind?

Akshay Kumar
In the wake of the tragedy in Pakistan, Akshay Kumar has expressed his hopes that the tension between India and Pakistan cools soon. He has recently offered his sympathy and support to the grieving families of the children that lost their lives at the Peshawar School. Earlier this week, Akshay posted on his social media;

“Feeling numb hearing about the terrorist attack on innocent children in #Peshawar! May God give strength to the victims families. RIP humanity”

The international star has always spoken of his adoration of the Pakistani people and has expressed his grief in the aftermath of the tragedy. Akshay has previously been quoted in the past by The Hindustan Times saying:

“Terrorists must not be equated with civilians … Let’s all condemn terrorism but please, let’s not look at all Pakistanis with hostility, suspicion.”


Akshay Kumar is not the only star to speak out, earlier this week we saw stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan, Karan Johar, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra all speak out as well. Many other stars have voiced their feelings about the attacks via twitter, check out their tweets:

Amir Khan said: “Just heard about the innocent children being killed in Peshawar. I’m devastated..”

Shah Rukh Khan said: “The soul is healed by being with children. Extreme anger & disgust for all those who took our children, our future, our healers away.”

Priyanka Chopra said: “Appalling! What kind of wimps hurt kids! I send out a prayer. Please god…in whichever form and whatever name. Pls teach your children to value human life. I pray for peace. #Peshawar.”

Alia Bhatt said: “No such thing as humanity.Its appalling to even think that we are capable of being so monstrous and so majorly MESSED UP!!!#PeshawarAttack”

Sana Saeed said: “Still in shock. How can someone be this cruel to kill innocent children? Their only crime was that they were educating themselves? #Peshawar”

mahira khan 1

Mahira Khan said: “The smallest coffins are the heaviest. It’s sick how these cowards think. #PeshawarAttack”

Fawad Khan said: “Killing innocent children is the worst form of brutality. Deeply saddened, my heart&prayers go out to the suffering families #Peshawarattack”

Arjun Kapoor said: “Just reading about Peshawar never felt more helpless…My prayers with everyone in Peshawar all the children and parents… Sad sad day.”

Rajat Kapoor said: “Millions of year of evolution- FOR THIS? Kamaal hai!”

Sophie Choudry said: “Innocent kids are victims and yet again religion the sick excuse. Heartbroken and ashamed that this is the world we live in! #PeshawarAttack”

R Madhavan said: “Ohhhhhh…No no no. Please not children in schools. God this is not right. My heart and prayers go out to the children and families in Peshawar. Who are these people actually. Where are they from, their families, their upbringing, their faces, what can drive them to kill children.”

Sonakshi Sinha said: “Oh god! Whats happening in this world. Times like these make you question humanity. Everyone please pray for whats happening in #Peshawar.”

Sonam Kapoor said: “what a senseless unspeakable act. the world is filled with monsters. #Peshawar #PakSchoolSiege #PeshawarAttack”

Anurag Kashyap said: “Anyone who kills children like that should not be allowed to hide behind any religion.”

Karan Johar

Karan Johar said: “The Peshawar killing is just heartbreaking…the death of humanity on every level….helplessness is the only feeling….”

Riteish Deshmukh: “Death of Humanity – Wake up World – it’s not their issue -it’s our issue – we need to stand up. #PeshawarAttack”

Rajkummar Rao said: “SAD ANGRY HELPLESS .. Don’t know if this will ever stop. Allah, Bhagwan will never forgive these guys. #PeshawarAttack”

Farhan Akhtar said: “My heart has broken.. The world failed those children in Peshawar … It’s a sad sad day.”

Richa Chadda said: “Attacking school children for revenge is not Islam. That is cowardice. Hell awaits you, not jannat. #PakSchoolSiege #stopviolencenow”

Aditi Rao Hydari said: “what’s happening? Terrorising people is religious? Killing people is pleasing god? This carnage is insane, inhuman. #Livid #Weepy”

Ranvir Shorey said: “There are no words to describe how sickening this is.. #PeshawarAttack”

Salim Merchant said: “Very disturbed about the terrorist attack in Peshawar army school. 21 kids loose their lives and many injured. When will this stuff stop ??”

Kritika Kamra said: “You cowards!! May u rot in hell ! #PakSchoolSiege”

Vindoo Dara Singh said: “We have to ban the production of guns & all war industry any nation who won’t gets sanctions and bans! Savages #PakSchoolSiege”

Hrithik Roshan - HRX

Hrithik Roshan said: “Just a thought I had -Atrocities in d world. We r not helpless. There’s something we all can do. D people who kill in anger feel a cause 2 do so, they feel anger fr what they must’ve experienced in their lives. Fr them in their minds they r right. They feel justified.Anger is something we all feel, but we haven’t learnt to resolve it with love. D extent of your anger determines d atrocity u want 2 inflict. We all r examples of this. We all r guilty of dis. D atrocities around d world is just a manifestation of d anger at d individual level. U want to do something about d children who lost their lives in Peshawar. Then wage a war against your own anger every time someone causes u pain, every time injustice is done unto you, practice perspective, learn to resolve it with love. Watch ur reaction. Don’t feel helpless by thinking u can’t do anything fr d people who died. Make a change within today.Expressing your concern is not enough. Make that change at d core. Your core. And know that thru that u have helped d world. Practice ur own peace fr a peaceful world.”

Varun Dhawan said: “Darkest day of the human race.No RELIGION tells you to kill children.cant believe someone is capable of this monstrosity#PeshawarAttack”

Salman Khan sent out multiple tweets: “To save 1 innocent life is to save entire humanity , to kill 1 innocent life is like killing entire humanity .”
“The most heinous crime is killing an innocent”
“Even wen at war u r nt supposed to harm children, women, old people, religious places and agriculture .”

Salman Khan 2013 Movies

Even the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi sent out a tweet stating that he was in support of Pakistan in this fight against terror and said he offered his condolences to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. We send out love and heart felt condolences to the surviving families. Their loss is a loss for the entire world and we pray that they have the strength to stand up again.

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