Posted on December 18, 2014 at 12:17 am

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America Idol's first Sikh contestant releases his first single!

Gurpreet Singh Sarin broke all stereotypes when became  the very first Sikh contestant on American Idol. His singing talents won the hears of judges and audiences alike but his beard, turban and heritage brought him some negative criticism. According to Sarin, he was so focused on winning the show he didn’t even pay attention to it. Now Sarin is ready to release his first single, “Compassionate Father!”
gurpreetSarin is working on balancing his artistic ambitions and his professional career in computer information science. “Compassionate Father,” is a pop song by Virginia-based songwriter Ken Coleman that explores religious bigotry and prejudices.

“It’s a very spiritual song,” Sarin told NBC news. “I am a big believer in one love for all and this song is definitely about that.”

Sarin headed back to his normal life after the show, finishing college and trying to get a job. He did say that it was a bit awkward at interviews when people recognized him from American Idol but being a part was a show was a great blessing. We can’t wait for the release of “Compassionate Father,” we’re sure it will be a hit!

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