Posted on November 23, 2014 at 3:13 am

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When Aamir Khan got his Fan Moment with ‘The Terminator'

All actors are not just actors but they are fans of other actors as well. One actor who was at a Summit ran into one his favorite actors! Aamir Khan was hyped up when he found out Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the same event as he and was eager to meet him. Yes The Terminator is in India and Aamir Khan had  told the staff he was wanting to meet him – and boom, the man walked in his room!


Aamir Khan obviously was surprised as he stated :

“I told the HT staff I wish I could meet him. So they told him. And he just walked in to my room!!! It was a bizarre feeling! I looked up when the door opened and I see THE TERMINATOR walking into my room!” – Aamir Khan 

Looks like someones dream came true! Check out the recent photo has the two actors pose together at the Hotel of the Summit that was held over the weekend.

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