Posted on November 26, 2014 at 6:06 am

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It's here! Sanj-D's full video for 'Jaan'!

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, Sanjeet Singh aka Sanj-D is a name you’ll be hearing about a lot in the coming months. The London-based artist is not only an accomplished composer and musician, but also is an amazing singer!  The 21-year old, singer, songwriter, and composer has played musical instruments such as dhol, dholki, and vaja since the tender age of nine. Starting out as a hobby, it wasn’t long before his talent shone through and people started taking notice of his incredibly natural musical skills.  Now, after focusing on his skills for the past few years, the multi-talented artist is finally all set to launch his singing career with his beautiful new track entitled ‘Jaan’.

Jaan’ is inspired by his love of poetry and in particular the poignant verses penned by his father. In fact his musical roots run deep within his family as from a very early age, he was exposed to sangeet by his parents and grandparents whose love of classical religious songs (kirtans and kavishri) filtered down to the young Sanjeet.

Having grown up surrounded by music, poetry and songs, it was almost inevitable that Sanj-D would follow suit and was destined to carve a path in the music industry.  By the age of 13, Sanjeet’s passion for music was well established and he developed his musical ear by singing his grandparents favourite religious songs at the local gurdwara which eventually led to professional training in raag and kirtan.

Sanj-D recently signed with Jagstar Records and Steven Chohan from Destiny’s Roadshow for his debut. Jaan, plus an additional Tabla Mix released on the 20th November 2014 via iTunes and other digital stores.

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