Posted on November 11, 2014 at 8:38 pm

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Ekta Kapoor and Maanayata Dutt rubbish rumors of a fight

At the time Mr. Sanjay Dutt’s incarceration, he not only had several films under production but also had been signed for several more. While Dutt was away, his wife Maanayata keep the projects moving but rumors of a feud between Maanayata Dutt and Ekta Kapoor surfaced soon.


When asked Ekta and Maanayata on the alleged dispute here’s what they had to say:

Ekta Kapoor said,

“The story is frivolous, I value relationships more than money. The Dutt family is like an extended family to me. I would never think of bothering Bhabi with such a trivial matter, knowing that Sanju sir is not around. I am looking forward to working with the Dutts soon.”

Corroborating Ekta’s sentiments, Maanayata Dutt said,

“It is unfortunate that people, be it friends or foes, while being misinformed themselves become sources of such stories, and it is not even considered fit that things be confirmed with the concerned person and his family. We have the highest regards for Jeetu uncle, Shobha aunty and Ekta. We are looking forward for a long working association in the near future with Balaji.”

Dipti Jindal, COO of Sanjay Dutt Productions said, “In spite of personal turmoil, he made sure nobody suffered especially smaller producers and debutante directors. Few days after he surrendered, Mrs.Dutt contacted producers and asked them whether they would like to wait for Mr. Dutt to return and do their films or would like their signing amounts back. Few producers like Ikkon Films (India) Pvt. Ltd., T. P. Agarwal, Shri Jaganaath Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., an ad film producer, who were not in the capacity to wait were refunded the signing amount either in a single tranche or mutually agreed installments. The Dutt’s would not like to see anyone suffer because of their personal setback. “ She further adds that “The dispute between Balaji & The Dutt’s is absolutely baseless, infact the only talks on between the two are that of working together in the near future”


And a few producers who’s signing amounts were returned by Maanayata! Aditya Narayan Singh (Shri Jagganath) and Bipin Jain (Ikkon) were both surprised by the professionalism of Maanayata Dutt and impressed that she actually returned the money where many times in these situations the money is never seen again. Looks like Mrs. Dutt isn’t letting her husband’s name be tarnished, what a great work ethic!

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