Posted on November 28, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Arpit Gandhi releases soulful cover of "Muskurane" with Neel!

Composer, producer, pianist, Arpit Gandhi has a lot of job descriptions. This multi-talented young artist has developed quite a name for himself so far whether it’s through his original productions or through jingles he’s worked on for companies like Lufthansa, Rajbhog, Bharat Matrimony, Forever Rakhi etc. Gandhi has been teaming with singers to release new covers and his recent one is a soulful rendition of “Muskurane” from the film City Lights, check it out!

The vocals are by Neel, with piano and arrangement by Arpit and Neel. The duo create some serious magic in this video which was shot by Saumitra Mungekar. So what’s next for Arpit Gandhi?


I am currently working on my solo album which will feature different artists. Album is currently is in planning phase and I am still deciding on the theme. There are also some films I am composing background scores for. And when I do have time between work and music, I collaborate with different vocalists to cover some of my favorite records.

Here’s to hoping Arpit Gandhi gets a whole lot more free time so we can be exposed to beautiful covers like these!

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