Posted on November 28, 2014 at 1:28 pm

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5 Ways to Find Mr Right!

While many single women truly enjoy living the single life, others are ready to find Mr. Right and begin a new chapter in the story of their lives. Here are 5 ways to find Mr.Right!

1. Seek him out, don’t wait for him:


The most important part about finding Mr. Right is that you should not sit around waiting for him to find you. You have to go out and find him. Hey, even Cinderella got herself out to that ball, right?

2. Work on Your Confidence:

Men find women with confidence extremely attractive. So if you are a single woman with very low self-confidence you’re going to have a difficult time meeting anyone- Let alone Mr Right.
3. Go online:


It’s not just for creepy loners anymore: more and more people are meeting their future Mr Right’s online. There are free services (like Plenty of Fish) as well as online communities where you can meet someone that meshes well with you.

4. Ask your friends:


The best way to find a good guy is to simply ask your friends to set you up. Don’t feel ashamed or like you failed: most couples meet through friends and good friends will want to see people they like be happy!

5. Try your work:


Did you know that more than 20% of the people meet their Mr Right at work? If you haven’t had a look around the office, give it a go you might just find him right in front of you.

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