Posted on October 23, 2014 at 11:10 pm

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Pepsi's India Diwali video – You’re Missin’ Home….

Get some tissues because you are going to need it. As today is Diwali, and many people aren’t able to go back to India to celebrate, it reminds us how much we always miss our parents and our families. Gatherings, dinners, outings and even trips with our loved ones are the little things we remember and going to the temple together for prayers or even lighting up ‘diya’s (candles) in your home.

Pepsi has done it once again by sharing a video that is about 7 minutes long which tells a story about a daughter who misses her parents and home during Diwali.  Most families after the children grow up move out for being near to their work place or maybe to a new city or a new family. Even though parents still mean the world to us, unknowingly we take them for granted and we always miss them during the holidays.


This video will make you shed a few tears – so get some tissues because it will make you use a few tissues. The story of how one gets busy but should always remember no matter how busy you get during the holidays  you should try to spend time with your families no matter what.  The idea of being with family is joyous and this Diwali everyone should try to enjoy the feeling of #GharwaliDiwali. We wish everyone a Happy Diwali and hope people manage to be celebrated the festival with their family and friends. Check out this beautiful short video of #GharWali Diwali.

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