Posted on October 29, 2014 at 11:27 pm

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Kunal Kapoor’s passion for racing takes him to Abu Dhabi!

To drive a Formula 1 race car is every race fanatic’s dream and actor Kunal Kapoor seems to be living his in style. The sporting actor is super pumped about this new adventure and has signed up for Formula 3 training at the Formula 1 racing track in Abu Dhabi.




The actor shared his experience saying,

The experience of Formula 1 racing is exhilarating. I’m going to head there frequently and train whenever I have a week or so off. My plan is to finish the training within the year.”

Fulfilling his ambition and desire for fast cars Kunal was in Abu Dhabi recently where he worked with Gianluca who is popularly known to be Michael Schumacher with an international auto brand.


Speaking about his passion for racing Kunal said,

I’ve always been a racing enthusiast. The sport requires a lot of concentration and complete immersion because of the speed at which you are going. Even though you are driving really fast, it becomes meditative because it’s only you and the machine. That’s true for flying as well.”


The actor is known to juggle his three intense sports like skydiving, flying, driving while also enjoying his other hobbies. Kunal Kapoor hopes to continue exploring new avenues even in the future.



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