Posted on October 29, 2014 at 8:38 pm

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Culture Machine launches video for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Dedicated to one of the major health issues in the world, October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the globe. While many are aware of the consequences of Breast Cancer, the real issue lies in not being able to detect it at an early stage. In order to encourage more people to do so Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company has released a series of four quirky videos spread over the month of October.

Released on 12th October 2014

Released on 19th October

​Released on 26th October 2014

The video campaign has been launched on the Being Indian Channel by Culture Machine. By taking to the digital platform to raise awareness, Culture Machine aims at reaching out to a larger audience in a creative and abstract manner. The central message in the video is ‘Big or small. Save them all’ and ‘Please check yourself for Lumps’.

The campaign consists of four videos that are to be released on every Sunday in the month of October including three Public Service Announcement videos and one music video at the end of October. The first video shows a man running with the word ‘BOOBS’ in order to convey the message to the viewers for checking themselves for lumps.

The second one is a silent video with number of bras hanging representing the comparison between rural and urban women likely to be affected by Breast Cancer. The third video throws numbers from across the world of women getting affected by the disease to show to viewers with a hint of sarcasm about how lucky they are to have no diseases viewers that they are lucky to have no diseases. The final music video will highlight on the importance of breasts featuring one of Culture Machine’s popular singers out of their vast talent pool.


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