Posted on October 18, 2014 at 1:47 am

Music What's Happenin'

Get to know Kaushiki Chakraborty in a brand new video!

A brand new video by Art And Artistes featuring prominent Indian classical vocalist Kaushiki Chakraborty has been launched.  The video captures Kaushiki’s thoughts, ideas, experiences as a musician.  It features her voice as the background score and also features bits of her demonstrating the well-renowned ‘Patiyala Gharana’ style of singing.  The video is part of a musical webisode series titled ‘Inner Voice’ featuring maestros of music, an ’Art And Artistes’ initiative that aims to bring classical musicians closer to their fans.

Regarding music, Kaushiki, shares her philosophy saying,

“It is the listening that teaches you and it is the Sanskaar that is also very important for understanding the value, the spirit and the soul of the music. It develops within you, it develops very much I believe, in your sub conscience and listening helps the most”.

Kaushiki speaks about how her performance as a 16 year old garnered blessings and appreciation from classical music legends and that this is what encouraged her shape her career in music.  The video is an impressive collection of beautiful moments revealed by the singer that will inspire all budding musicians and lovers of music across the globe. It takes the viewer on a wonderful journey of classical tunes and Art And Artistes promises glimpses of many more such talents in the coming days.

Art And Artistes founded by Durga Jasraj is a one stop spot for all genres of Indian music.  They have created and produced musical properties like Tiranga, Panchtatva, Idea Jalsa, among others, featuring more than 10,000 Musicians across more than 100 genres of Indian Music.

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