Posted on October 18, 2014 at 1:48 am

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Delhi-ites open up about Love and Heartbreaks!

People from every age and generation have definitely been through love and heartbreak at least once in their lives. Whether it is because of their girlfriend ditching them or their salary getting delayed, the pain of heartbreak has struck one and all. Going ahead with one of their most popular formats, the Being Indian folks set out to capture Delhi’s feelings on Love and Heartbreak in their latest video.


The video called Delhi on Love and Heartbreak has been created by Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company. In the video, Being Indian anchor Sahil takes to the streets of the famous Connaught Place and speaks to a bunch of enthusiastic Delhi-ites about their experiences in life of love and heartbreak. Gathering some of the most innovative responses, Sahil takes us through a myriad of emotions of the people. The one thing that is guaranteed to leave you in splits is a drunken beggar getting into the conversation and explaining and citing his grief in life.

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