Posted on September 3, 2014 at 2:57 am

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Sonali Raut says no to Hate Story 3!

It would be difficult for any newcomer to resist the lead role in a sequel to a movie series which has already been a success. But newbie Sonali Raut (of The Xpose fame) seems to have decided to give the sequel of Hate Story a miss.

Apparently, when Sonali was offered Hate Story 3, she did not take much time to reach her stand. Word has it that apart from the sequel, Sonali was also offered a music video to mark the success of the series.


Sonali Raut - Pic 14 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

It seems that instead of following a success trend, the spunky gal is keen to work on characters she can establish as hers. Wonder if it would be more interesting for Sonali to take part in a prequel and have the opportunity to carve out the distinguishing traits of a character, rather than follow what has already been a success? Maybe so?

Meanwhile, there is speculation that her character of The Xpose could get a resurrection or a reincarnation aka Deepika Padukone of Om Shanti Om, in the sequel Himesh Reshammiya has announced. A sequel? Well this just got super interesting!

It can be recalled that Sonali gathered a lot of praise for her acting prowess and versatility in the suspense thriller. Her central character was integral to the plot, but as it dies in the movie, hopes of her admirers crashed to see her in the sequel.

If her role gets a reboot, it would be interesting to watch what newness she brings to it!

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