Posted on September 3, 2014 at 3:24 am

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Fan gives Sid Mallya a pleasant surprise!

Are you a crazed fan that would go to extreme measures to do anything for them? Well usually when a fan is excited and they are a female fan they usually go to extreme measures for a male celeb – one would think! In this scenario its totally not the case. A male fan went above and beyond by getting inked for one of his idols! This was the case recently with suave Sid Mallya and his loyal fan Aman Chug. Aman Chug, an ardent fan of the young Mallya scion got himself permanently inked just like his favourite star with the same tattoo and the initials SVM as Sid himself. The uber cool Sid sports his star tattoo with Kingfisher wings on his well sculpted back and Aman Chug opted for to sport it on his forearm! A tattoo! Looks like Chug went all out and got inked all over his back!


SD Image 2

The fan considers Sid his idol and sent him a picture of his tattoo via Twitter as soon as he got it done. Sid who has the same tattoo on his back was taken by surprise with Aman’s gesture. Sid was flattered by this incident and said,

I should have trademarked my tattoo! Haha! But seriously, as they say ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’!”

Aman’s sheer dedication for his favourite star sure made Sid Mallya’s day! Would you go to that extent by getting a tattoo for your favorite actor, singer, or any celeb? Drop us a line and tell us what would you get tattooed for your ‘idol’?


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