Posted on September 10, 2014 at 3:12 am

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Sharman Joshi's touching tribute for Mothers!

Everyone seems to have a soft spot for their Mom’s, after all, it is one’s mother who truly brings them into this world!  One thing that we need to remember not to do, however, is to treat our Mother’s well only on Mother’s Day.  Although Mother’s Day has come and gone, for actor Sharman Joshi, every day is a Mother’s Day, and is a reason to celebrate mothers!  He recently proved this point by making a short film as a tribute to his own mother.

The short film, which also stars Sharman Joshi, revolves around a touching incident wherein Sharman sees an office colleague scolding his mother for calling him up in the middle of work. Following this, Sharman starts telling his colleagues about how some people work throughout the year and even during festivals without a single holiday and without any salary. When his colleagues scoff at this and demand to know the identity of such people, Sharman discloses that he was talking about mothers, who strive continuously for the sake of their families. As realization sinks in, the colleague, who had spoken rudely to his mother, decides to call her back.

Sharman says,

“I have often seen that people do something for their mothers on Mother’s Day and then forget about it. With this short film, I wanted to make people realize that there should not be a special day to express love to their mothers as every day is a Mother’s Day. This film is a tribute to not just my mother, but to all mothers around the world.”

Isn’t this so sweet of Sharman?  I know I for one agree with him because my Mother is the reason I am where I am today!  Be sure to respect your Mothers and do treat them well every day!

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