Posted on September 14, 2014 at 2:09 am

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Ravish Desai back on screen in Yeh Hai Aashiqui!

Ravish Desai who is a well known TV actor has a major fan based worldwide and is back on screen and this time on a different channel with a new twist! He was last seen on Star Plus’s ‘Meri Bhabi’ and was one of the main leads. He is now coming back on screen as his fans have been eager to see his work -and looks like there wish has come trued! Check out the promo for his upcoming episode on Bindass Channel out this Sunday!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui airs an episode on Bindass Channel where he will be seeing played in an extraordinary love story! Fans have been waiting for him to come back on screen and now they will get to see Ravish Desai back on TV with his romantic skills! Check out the episode on Bindass this Sunday!

The story on the episode:

Just after Ahana signs her biggest campaign as a model, she and her boyfriend Arijit meet with an accident in which she loses partial memory. She has no memory of the past one year in which she had left her home to be a model in Mumbai. Her father who was always against her pursuing a career in model, makes the best use of the situation and takes her back to Pune and blocks all her friends from the past year. Also in no time, he has made preparations to send her to USA for an MBA degree. Whereas Arijit is determined to help her regain her memory and get her back to the career she always wanted for herself. Ahana’s mother too asks Arijit to take her away because the father will never let her be a model. As time passes by Ahana is convinced that her father is hiding something. Next morning, as Ahana leaves for airport to USA, she sees a huge hoarding with her in the ad. A sudden rush of memories fills all the blanks and she remembers everything.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday!

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