Posted on September 13, 2014 at 8:09 pm

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A new comedy web series all about the ‘Corner Shop’

If you were raised in London or are from Europe then you know what a Corner Shop is and if you don’t then we guarantee you will still have a good laugh on these episodes that got us laughing out loud, literally! Check out the recent episode from the web series! It will get you laughing!

From the director of the cult viral hit ‘Mandem On The Wall’ which elevated on to E4 on “Youngers”, Islah Abdur-Rahman (former stage name Izzy Rahman) brings a new comedy web series, “Corner Shop Show”, which follows the hilarious adventures of ‘Malik’ (Islah Abdur-Rahman) and his transition to fill his fathers shoes after becoming the custodian of a family business.

The series came to fruition in mid 2013 when Islah was with a friend who, like Malik in the series, was taking care of a family business whilst his father was away on business. It was at that moment, whilst they were in the shop, that Islah began mind mapping a new series. “Corner Shop Show” brings entertainment in to our homes that the whole family can enjoy and has a wide appeal to its audience with the diverse mix of cultures in the show.


For a small production team with virtually no budget, they’ve managed to achieve broadcast quality results turning the heads of major people in the film, television and music industry such as Gurinda Chadha, Sanjeev Bhaskar (Goodness Gracious Me), Ameet Chana (Bend It Like Beckham), Lisa Maffia (So Solid Crew), DJ Noreen Khan (BBC Asian Network), DJ Nihal (BBC Radio 1), Humza Arshad (Diary of a Badman), Rakhee Thakrar (Eastenders), Sunny and Shay (Channel 4’s ‘The Family’), Culture Shock, Raxstar, Mumzy Stranger and many more, who all publicly show their support for the show!

The original music is provided by Mike Tan, the theme song features vocals by the creator, director and writer of the series, Islah Abdur-Rahman himself alongside none other than the former UK Beatbox Champion and World’s Finest, who tours worldwide with R&B sensation Jay Sean – MC Zani.

The exciting wait for Episode 5 is nearly over with a set release date of Saturday the 16h September 2014. This episode features the acting debut and cameo from the famous spoken word poet Suli Breaks who was recently endorsed by Will Smith himself. Also featuring the popular YouTuber Saima Chowdhury, Jasmine Jardot (from Yash Chopra’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’), well known stand up comedian and Islam Channel presenter, Aatif Nawaz and many more!

“I took a risk in writing this episode, it’s the first time we explore what happens outside of the Corner Shop and the range of our characters get to be shown off a little more. One thing I try and do is not make one episode better than the other, rather make every episode different.” –Islah Abdur-Rahman (Director/Writer)

Islah made a bold move by announcing that he was removing Episode 1 & 2 off of YouTube, to find out more about that in detail click below to watch the short featurette and the teaser trailer of Episode 5:

To watch all the series check out Corner Shop on Youtube!

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