Posted on September 11, 2014 at 1:13 am

What's Happenin'

India's music icon performs for four and a half hours without a break!

September 5th was a memorable day for India’s King of Pop, Daler Mehndi, who delivered his first ever performance in Kuwait.  The Kuwait audience filled the Al Daiya Indoor Stadium to see the popular singer.  Adding to the night was the fact that Mehndi broke his own record for the longest live performance without a break by performing for four and a half hours non-stop!  You read that right – 4.5 hours of non-stop performing!

Daler Mehndi was warned by Mr. Ashfaque Khan, President of the Indian Cultural Society (ICS) which organised his concert, that the Kuwaiti audience generally shows enthusiasm very rarely – only by clapping along with other international artists who have performed in Kuwait before.  As such, he was requested not to be disappointed if the audience did not respond to his energetic music with matching gusto.  However, Mehndi’s magic musical touch brought the entire stadium on its toes within minutes! Everybody from the rich Sheikhs and white collared businessmen to burqa clad women could not resist the power of his lively music, and began dancing!

After the concert, Mr. Kish Jha, CEO of Cameo Global, called Daler Mehndi the “Michael Jackson of India”. Daler Mehndi was given the title ‘The Calorie Burner’ because his music had achieved what no other artist has managed so far – to make the Kuwaiti elite dance at a concert!  Daler Mehndi, known for his bejeweled turban and long flowing robes, is often referred to as the father of the Indian pop industry. Since 1995, he has recorded several albums in India and has been a playback singer for Hindi movies.  He’s constantly changing up his sound to keep with the times and is a true music legend.