Posted on August 3, 2014 at 11:32 pm

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Rameet to release 'KURIYA'!

If I were to mention the country Scotland to you, I’m sure that the sounds of bagpipes would float into your ears, and you would most likely scoff at me if I said that some South Asian sounds can dominate the Scottish landscape!  However, the only thing ‘strange’ about my statement, is that there’s a connection to Stranger Productions!  Mumzy Stranger’s music production company (“Stranger Productions”) is set to launch a hot new singer, Rameet!  Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, she is a young and fiery triple-threat singer, actress and dancer who is ready with a summer single – a huge slice of catchy bubblegum pop infused Bhangra – and girl’s anthem ’Kuriya’.

Releasing officially on the 7th of August, the multi-talented Rameet is set to stamp her mark with ‘Kuriya’, an up tempo, fun blend of Punjabi and English vocals laced on a bass heavy urban beat creating a unique Bhangra pop sound. Rameet has been part of the “Stranger Family” since 2012.  Her single ‘Peengh’ received great success in the Asian music charts, and she was featured on the massive summer single ‘Ghetto’ alongside Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah and Char Avell.

On her debut solo single, Rameet says:

“I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’ve been so excited to release ‘Kuriya’, it’s a fun dance song for the girls and something which everyone can enjoy this summer. It’s my first official solo release so after a lot of work getting everything set, I’m ready to unleash it to the world!”

A former winner of the ‘Miss India Scotland’ title in her teens, Rameet is no stranger to the limelight as from a young age she had been participating in the local Glasgow talent show circuit. She released her debut album titled ‘Dil Milde’ at the tender age of 11, produced by renowned Indian music director Atul Sharna. The entire album featured traditional Punjabi folk songs by Rameet and her brother, Lord Munmeet. Having been classically trained in the art of ‘Shabad’ (Sikh religious hymns) at her local gurdwara, Rameet excelled in her vocal training, learning ‘Ragas’ and ‘Sargams’ very early in her musical education, in the UK and in India. Having won the ‘Miss India Scotland’ beauty pageant in 2012, she also performed a traditional South Asian dance at the worldwide contest in Surinam.



A professional singer, dancer and having recently graduated with a degree in Acting and Performance, Rameet’s talent is limitless. As an actress she has starred in the BBC TV series ‘Half Moon Investigations’ as well as several short films and documentaries, the experience has given her the building blocks to a pathway into feature films in the future. Her award winning Bhangra dance group has been recognized by some of Scotland’s highest politicians and has performed at BBC Children In Need, the MOBO Awards press conference, Glasgow’s SECC amongst other high profile events and venues. A highly motivated individual she also uses her Bollywood and Bhangra dance training to great use for her local community, having taught dance classes for years.

Rameet’s debut solo single ‘Kuriya’, releasing on iTunes ( on 7th August, and looks set to be one of the stand-out party tracks of summer 2014.  We will have the release for you on Urban Asian on the 7th, so check back then and be sure to experience the official solo debut of this young and talented future star!

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