Posted on August 3, 2014 at 8:23 pm

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Mumbai roads becomes a big teacher for TAMANCHEY

Actress Richa Chadda who has seen in many deep roles will have a change in character in her upcoming film will ‘Tamanchey’. In the film she is said to play a roguish character mouthing foul language. At the trailer launch of the film, when the actress was asked about how she prepared for the role, the actress promptly replied that Mumbai roads had trained her enough in the use of such language!

“Mumbai roads were a big teacher. Whenever I am driving, my mind is constantly clouded with such words and language. I have been living in Mumbai for five to six years and so, I was well prepared,”

Richa said. She knows what she’s talking about if she is learning from the Mumbai roads!

It’s noted that Richa was seen in a similar character named Bholi Punjaban in the film ‘Fukrey’ as well. When the similarity of her characters was pointed out by reporters at the event, the actress denied it saying that the two characters are very different. She replied,

“There is no similarity between the two. I started working on ‘Tamanchey’ before ‘Fukrey’.” She further added saying, “The only thing is that both are very confident characters. But this girl (in ‘Tamanchey’) knows how to use her sexuality to her advantage… She is confident and uses her charm. Bholi didn`t need to, she had a lot of people working for her.” ‘

Tamanchey’ also features as the male lead Nikhil Dwivedi and the film hits theaters on September 19.

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