Posted on August 14, 2014 at 4:54 am

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Hot make up trends of the year!

Every fashionista knows that with the perfect outfit you always need the perfect make up. Believe it or not there are make up trends just like fashion trends and we’re about to count down some popular make up trends from this year!

1. Bold lips!

Now this trend has been around for a few years now, bold and bright colors have become more and more popular and we’re loving it! Orange has been a popular color this year, it’s replaced the coral that was in style last summer. Orange nails and orange lips are actually something that suits everyone you just have to find the right shade or orange. For olive skin tones and darker skin tones try a vibrant orange while people with lighter skin tones should opt for a peachy shade of orange. Besides orange hot pinks, deep reds and magenta’s are also in fashion.


2. Keep that eyeliner fancy!

How you slide that eyeliner across your eyelids make quite a difference in how you look. For the past few years the winged look has been in style and this year is no different. The winged look is easy and a classic look some girls keep it thinner while others prefer it thicker. Thicker eyeliner is usually more suited for someone with larger eyes. Besides the winged look people have gotten more and more fancy with eyeliner using designs to create a creative and bold look to make a statement. More and more graphic eyeliner is being used on runways and red carpets. Grab a liquid felt tip eyeliner and go wild ladies!

3. Electric Eyeliner

Besides some fancy graphics using eyeliner another popular trend of the year is electric eyeliner, another way to make your gorgeous eyes pop! Bright eyeliners can be used and go wild, you can mix and match colors! If you don’t use brightly colored eyeliner you can used a bright shade of eye shadow but place it right above your eyeliner and not over your entire lid. Use a basic black eyeliner if you use a bright eyeshadow so to keep it tame and not end up looking like a clown!


4. Eyebrows: The bolder the better!

Eyebrows have gained more attention this year with more and more fashion bloggers teaching us regular folk how to utilize make up effectively. All you need to do is Google how to fill in your eyebrows to give your eyebrows a bold look. Some use eyeshadow others use pencil eyeliners to fill in eyebrows and blend with a thin make up brush.


5. Get that summer glow!

We can’t take about make up trends of the year with out mentioning how to get that gorgeous golden glow! Make you skin shine with some luminous lotions or bronzer. Get your favorite shade of a sparkling bronzer and dust it under your cheek bones and on the temples of your forehead. It’s a painless way for a natural glow! You don’t want to look orange so be sure to use the minimum amount.


6. When all else fails go natural!

If you’re not into the bold lips, electric eyeliner or graphic eyeliner try to tone it down by going au naturale! The best way to go about the natural look is with a good BB cream. BB cream works to heal your skin, reduce uneven tone and as a tinted moisturizer at the same time. Start with a simple BB cream, use some concealer for blemishes and setting powder to blend it all together. You can even dust on a bronzer very lightly or blend in a cream blush. Finish the look with nude lips and mascara, eyeliner is optional.

What are your favorite make up trends? Let us know! Don’t forget to keep checking back to Urban Asian for more updates on music, movies, fashion and health!


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