Posted on August 14, 2014 at 3:52 am

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7 Hair tips and tricks for everyday use!

Check out some quick and easy hair care tips and tricks that you can do for everyday use.

1. Clean your brushes well, take out all of the hair and run it under warm water. Next use shampoo or hand soap to clean out the brush and towel dry. A clean brush allows for easy use and clean hair!

2. Thinning hair? Try the double ponytail trick! Tie your hair into two ponytails separating the top and bottom half of your hair, keeping at least 1-3inches between ponytails.


3. Hairspray doesn’t always work and it makes hair too stiff and plastic looking. For a natural look try putting hairspray on your hands first and then run your hands through your hair.

4. For extra hold from bobby pins use hairspray! That’s right, spray the bobby pins first with some hairspray and wait for them to dry before using. Remember the wavy side of the bobby pins are meant to be facing down, the waves are designed to grip your hair tightly.


5. After adding so much heat from a blow dryer, curler or straightener, use cool air when styling your hair. The cool air allows your hair to hold the style so it is best to actually alternate between cool and hot air when blow drying your hair.

6. Got Frizzy hair? We’ve got a simple tip to reduce the frizz in this heat! After a shower don’t rub your hair when you towel dry, pat it. Rubbing hair with the towel causes hair to frizz more.

7. Baby hair and fly-aways getting on your nerves? Try spraying a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and brushing back the fly-aways with the toothbrush in place. Sounds weird I know but it works!

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